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Welcome to Poker Spreadsheets: a resource of free spreadsheets and other free poker tools to help you with your poker game.

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Then we may have a poker spreadsheet that can help you. Most of the files are for Texas Holdem, but there is an Omaha calculator and some files can be used whatever your poker game. The files are all .xls (Microsoft Excel) except for three which are .exe. These work on Windows applications that will run off any Windows operating system (no need to download any special programs).

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for other poker spreadsheets, please contact us.


*With acknowledgements to ChazDazzle, who is developing an easy to use, web-based poker tracker

Heads up and Sit and Go

Playing holdem

  • Short stacking- Calculator for short stack strategy at no limit cash (by Peelle)
  • Hand Evaluator- 7-card hand evaluator returning characteristics of hand

Other poker assistance

Disclaimer: Many of these spreadsheets are modified versions of existing sheets that are in the public domain and are meant to be, but if you're the creator of one of them and think otherwise, please let us know.